Alissa Mosier, CPDT-KA, MS Ed.

Old Dogs New Tricks Dog Training

At Old Dogs New Tricks Dog Training Alissa blends science with compassion, a heavy dose of positive reinforcement and common sense to help you build a lasting, positive realtionship with your dog. Working in the Capital Region Alissa offers classes, consults and private lessons.

Online Classes

Alissa is currently offering online classes for puppies and adolescents, with more to come!


Alissa is currently teaching at Good Choice Dog Training. Visit their site to get a list of her current classes.

Private Lessons

Alissa is available online and in person.

Meet Alissa

Alissa combined her two passions, teaching, and dogs, to devote her professional life to dog training. Taking her masters in education and her knowledge of dogs, Alissa focuses on strengthening the bond between dog and handler. Using science based, up-to-date training methods Alissa believes that the key to a well trained dog is having a solid foundation and that this starts with a healthy and positive relationship between owner and dog.

What People Say . . .

Alissa is not only very knowledgeable about dogs and how to train them and their owners, but also very kind, fun, and patient! She reads our dog’s behaviors and body language very well and knows exactly what he is thinking and feeling which helps her know how to train him best. I learn so much each time we work together. We also have a lot of fun as well! She’s the best!.

Heath Catalfamo

Alissa’s “Puppy Too” class is one of the most organized I have ever attended in 15 years of owning and training dogs. Information is presented in a way that is easy to understand, and flows naturally from one exercise to the next. Week to week there is gradual advancement, as well as reviews of previous tasks. This class would be my choice for all of my future puppies.

Lisa Z.

The Old Dogs New Tricks Guarantee

Within the dog training community it is considered unethical to guarantee specific training outcomes. Both leading professional associations – the Association for Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild – forbid doing so. Dogs are living, breathing creatures who make independent decisions, and like most things in life, their behaviors cannot and should not be guaranteed.

But what Alissa, and Old Dogs New Tricks Dog Training can guarantee is that she will put all her knowledge and experience to work for you to help you reach your training goals. That she will network and reach out to other trainers if necessary, and that together you will work to see positive changes in your dog. She understands that time and resources are often limited, and will respect you and your dog first and foremost.

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