In Person Classes

Alissa is currently teaching at Good Choice Dog Training.  For a list of current classes please click here to visit Good Choice Dog Training’s website to see the full listings.

Due to COVID-19 class size is limited, and restrictions apply.  Current classes are focusing on Puppy Enrichment and Puppy Too, although we hope to be offering more soon.

Regularly Offering:

  • Beginning Scent
  • Low Impact Agility
  • Pick Your Own Scent Scent Class
  • Puppy Class!
  • Puppy Too – Building the Manners Beyond Puppy Class
  • Quarry Quest
  • Tricks Class!

Class Descriptions

Beginning Scent

Beginning Scent introduces you to Wag It Games’ Sniff It!  Dogs will get to use their nose as they hunt for treats in a series of boxes, with things getting more complicated as we advance and their skills progress!  This class is suitable for all ages and skill levels, perfect for puppy to senior, and is a great way to build confidence or fine tune your teamwork while giving your dog something to think about.

Low Impact Agility

This class is perfect for the less agile dogs or shy dogs out there that are still looking for ways to get out and stay active! This class is particularly fun for senior dogs, and is a great way to keep their brain and body active.  All ages and abilities are welcome, and we are always happy to make modifications to suit your dogs needs.

Quarry Quest!
Wag It Games Quarry Quest is coming to Good Choice Dog Training!  Do you frequently find yourself yelling “Squirrel!”?   Do walks take twice as long as they should because your dog is so busy following their nose?  Then this may be the class for you!  Quarry Quest offers the excitement of the hunt without using live prey, and dogs play until they succeed.  A great way to get your dog’s brain and nose working together. 

Reactive Dog Nose Games at Good Choice Dog Training!

Want to get your dog out to build some confidence and have some fun but worry that they need a quieter environment then a typical class?  Well do we have the class for you!  Designed with reactive dogs in mind this six week class is based on the Wag It Games Sniff It class.  It is an introductory course that will offer a variety of scent exercises designed to have fun while building confidence and working together with your dog.

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