Things I love . . .


I admit to having a hard time saying no to treats and toys, especially cute ones.  I love to give the dogs new experiences.  BarkBox makes it super easy to spoil the dogs and keep new things coming to the home, while also helping me stick to a budget!  Love their customer service too.  I love being able to pull out old toys and add in new – rotating the them keeps things different, and when I bring out the old toys again they seem like brand new to the dogs!

Best Bully Sticks bully sticks are a must have in this house.  They also have a lot of great products, including goat horns, antlers, and lots and lots of other chews that my dogs love.  I trust the company and my dogs really enjoy everything they have tried, which is why I am a proud affiliate of the company.

Bull in a Collar Shop

55780634_10105162667674446_4343732741225840640_o.jpgI talk a lot about the importance of using the right equipment for your dog, and my most suggested piece of equipment is a martingale collar.  I want all my clients to have a dog who is polite on leash, but let’s be honest sometimes they wiggle, and squirm, and a martingale collar can prevent the escape!   Bull in a Collar Shop designs some of the best looking (and longest lasting) martingales I have seen.  All handmade by Tara, who was inspired to start making collars by her own dogs.  An added bonus, if you are the first to purchase a pattern, the pattern is named after your dog.

Ladybug Delightz – Custom Portraits and other Animal Inspired Art

I got to meet April of Ladybug Delightz at a training workshop, and immediately enjoyed her witty sense of humor, her dedication to rescue, and her passion for dogs, and art.  And then I was gifted with this beautiful portrait of my bright and shiny boy – I am now determined to have one done for each of my dogs, and maybe my fosters.  Plus some of her other prints.  I love the bright colors and happy feel of her work, and I love that the sales of some of her prints go to help rescues.


Quality of Connection Leashes


I only discovered the joy of a well broken in leather leash in the hand five years ago.  It is easier on the hand, strong, and makes leash walking so much more enjoyable.  But, when I first held a Quality of Connection lead handmade by John Rice I forgot all others.  The versatility, the feel, and the look set them apart.  It is hard to pick my favorite leash style, I love my Awareness Lead, I love my basic lead, and I love the Utility Leash.  They are all handmade by John Rice, are English Bridle Leather or soft Bull hide, and are amazing quality.

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