About Alissa

Alissa Mosier, MS, CPDT-KA

Alissa is the person behind Old Dogs New Tricks, LLC.  Alissa loves using her background in education to help people understand and build a connection with their dogs.  She works hard to keep classes fun and engaging, for people and the dogs, and recognizes that all dogs, like people, are individuals.  Alissa uses up-to-date science based training methods, and positive reinforcement.

Her Credentials

Alissa has a Masters in Childhood Education and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed). She is a Fear Free Certified Trainer, has completed Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs Master Course, and is an active member of the Pet Professional Guild, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and IAABC.   Alissa is also a C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator, a licensed Wag It Games instructor, an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and a Be a Tree Presenter.

Who is Alissa?

Alissa is a lifelong animal lover who declared in Second Grade that she wanted to train dogs for the circus. Encouraged to choose a more stable career path by her parents she instead got a Masters in Education, and became a certified Special Education teacher. While pursuing her masters, Alissa became a foster for an area rescue, and quickly combined her passion for teaching with her passion for helping dogs. Alissa is teaching multiple classes a week with special focus on puppies, adolescent dogs and scent work. When she is not training you can find her with her own dogs, participating in agility, rally or scent work.

Why Old Dogs New Tricks Dog Training, LLC?

Old Dogs New Tricks, LLC was created to answer that question of what to do with your dog once basic obedience is done, but has evolved into so much more. Teaching sit, down and stay is important, and our puppies and dogs certainly master those skills. But there is more to life then obedience – like scent work!

Life is not all fun and games though and Alissa excels at helping owners see the dog in front of them and working with them to improve behaviors and build relationship. Sharing her life with cautious dogs Alissa has a special affinity for shy dogs, and can help you work with many behavior issues – including aggression.

Inspired by my dogs Shadow and Fluff, Old Dogs New Tricks was created to help you and your dog enjoy training and all the benefits that come with fostering a strong relationship.


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