Our current foster through Peppertree Rescue, Tabby is a shy dog working very hard to be brave in the world.  Tabby is a fearful dog and we are taking things slow and creating many positive experiences for her hoping soon she will realize she does not need to be afraid.  Her confidence is building day by day, another example of how giving dogs fun, enriching experiences can help them.


Yaddo, also known as Shadow, also known as the Elkie.  A senior Norwegian Elkhound that brought a lot of laughter to our lives, and who I am pretty sure was around to keep me humble.  While he was officially a Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, and a Therapy Dog, Yaddo was also a stubborn, independent dog that liked to live life his own way and reminded me daily that dog training sometimes requires creativity, and always requires patience.

Yaddo is why I work to keep things fun, and was a wonderful example of how training can enrich a dog’s life, regardless of their age.



Losing Owen left a hole in our lives, a hole quickly filled by a dynamic dog who had no idea she was supposed to be a sedate senior.  At 11 years old Fluff arrived with little fur but a lot of spirit, and our lives have never been the same.

It was Fluff who truly helped me realize age was nothing but a number and pushed me further into dog training.  She loved to learn, and loved to be doing things.  Fluff effortlessly obtained her Canine Good Citizen certification and went on to become a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog International with the help of Cydney Cross and Crossroads for Dogs.  But it was soon clear she was not done working, Fluff came alive when the treat pouch came out, so we tried agility, and eventually scent work through Good Choice Dog Training, where she truly shined.

Unfortunately cancer came, and we only had 18 months with this special girl.  But it is Fluff’s legacy that pushed me into dog training and showed me how much fun it can be.  Old Dogs New Tricks is very much Fluff’s legacy.


Owen is the one that started it all.  My first official dog.  While Fluff was my partner and Yaddo is my buddy, Owen was my heart.  Skinny, sick, with no ACLs and hip dysplasia Owen came to me broken down as a foster dog, and watching him heal was a privilege I will be forever grateful for.  We worked through his dog reactivity, we obtained our Canine Good Citizen certification and when it became obvious that his health issues were not something we could overcome we started a bucket list and lived every day to the fullest.